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Quartz Crystals

C&C Electronics and Quartslab Marketing Ltd

The QuartSLab adventure started back in the early 1970s when Senator Crystals was no longer trading and Dave Court, G3SDL received a significant quantity of commercial land mobile radio equipment for conversion to the 144 MHz amateur band. Finding a supplier of the necessary crystals at a reasonable price proved rather difficult. This was in the pre-Internet age but nevertheless a new quartz crystal factory in Singapore with good prices and a reasonable delivery time was identified and the crystals duly arrived. During a discussion with Dave Collings, G8EOK the idea of importing crystals for commercial mobile radio equipment on popular 144 MHz channels was discussed and C&C Electronics was born. This enterprise was started with £200 capital and operated from rental accommodation in SE London. However great minds think alike and in NW England, Bruce of PM Electronic Services provided fierce competition for a number of years.

C&C expanded rapidly and moved into the supply of crystals for professional as well as hobby radio applications and imported quartz crystal from suppliers in Canada, Denmark, India and Japan as well as Singapore. In 1978 the two Dave Cs decided to form a limited company and QSL or Quartslab Marketing Limited was established. In 1979 a change of address was triggered when the two QSL directors embarked on married life. This was the period when Quartslab traded from PO Box 73, Summit House! In the early 1980s Dave Court resigned his position as Director of Quartslab Marketing Ltd, due to increasing responsibilities in his full time occupation..

Thus the most successful period of Quartslabís existence commenced with the company trading from Erith in Kent under the sole stewardship of Dave Collings (now G4YIB) or big Dave as heís sometime called! Quartslab went from strength to strength and started to manufacture small quantities of crystals itself to meet the demand for very fast delivery times. The situation carried on in much the same way for two decades and into the 21st century.

Christmas 2006 and the two Daves met again; the conversation turned to crystals and the next phase of the story was decided. Dave Court (now EI3IO) had started a telecommunications consultancy, Connogue Limited as well as a number of other initiatives, following his career in radiocommunications and had settled in Ireland after living in Denmark during the 1990s. It was agreed that Quartslab should move to the Emerald Isle and become part of the Connogue group of companies.

In 2009 some major changes took place in respect of Dave Courtís business activities, which involved a move to Bahrain. Luckily another Dave (G4AKY) has agreed to take over the reins of one of the British Islesí most successful crystal companies and QuartSLab has returned to SE England, where it started over 35 years ago..

The Ďthree Davesí would like to thank all past customers of C&C Electronics and QuartSLab Marketing Ltd for their support and custom over the last 35 years. QuartSLab looks forward to continue providing quality frequency control products to the professional and amateur radiocommunications communities in the coming years.