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Quartz Crystals


The easiest way to ensure that we receive the necessary information is to complete our enquiry form. Click here to go to the form. Alternatively all the information we require to allow us to process your order is as follows:

       a. Manufacturer of equipment,

       b. Model Number,

       c. Carrier (operating) Frequency,

       d. Crystal frequency and holder type if known,

       e. If an oven is in use specify the oven temperature.

For other equipment, prototypes and projects etc:

       a. Crystal Frequency to 5 decimal places,

       b. Holder type (to identify holder types see the appropriate page on this site),

       c. Circuit Conditions (i.e. parallel resonant or series resonant)

       d. Load Capacitance if parallel resonant

       e. Temperature of any ovens used

Or email, fax or phone with the information you have and we will send you a quotation and let you know if we require further information.

Please Note

Unless otherwise specified:

  • Fundamental crystals will be supplied for parallel resonant operation and calibrated for a load capacity of 30pF
  • Overtone crystals will be supplied for series resonant operation.
  • Crystals designed to operate on frequencies above 2 MHz will be supplied in HC50/u holders.

If sending samples please ensure that they are adequately packed in a padded bag suitable for transmission through the post. Crystals sent in ordinary envelopes rarely survive.

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