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QuartSLab no longer accept credit card payments by telephone. The payment methods offered below allow the use of credit cards via the PayPal system.

We prefer to deal with customers’ queries by email or telephone. A quotation or invoice will then be emailed to you. QuartSLab accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express through the PayPal system. This is the quickest and preferred method of payment. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will still be able to make an immediate payment if you possess any of these credit cards.

However if you are absolutely certain of your crystal requirements and their associated price (please remember our minimum order charge) you may bypass the quotation step. Please click on the correct payment button below and insert your crystal requirements (frequency, holder type and operating conditions e.g. load capacity) in the box provided. You may also initiate a ‘free style’ PayPal payment to sales2@quartslab.com. In all cases you will be sent an order confirmation by email shortly afterwards.

In addition to PayPal, QuartSLab accepts International or Western Union bank transfers/money orders and UK Post Office, Postal Orders in Sterling. Also accepted are personal and company cheques in Sterling (drawn on a bank in the United Kingdom). All cheques, money orders and transfers should be made payable to Quartslab.

 To prepare an international transfer you will require our banking details please send an email to:
 sales2@quartslab.com and you will receive these details by return.

Always Include your email address, fax and telephone number with any order or enquiry.

QuartSLab uses the widely accepted PayPal system for secure online payment processing. You will be connected to PayPal’s secure servers to make your payment.

Using Credit Cards

Please now click the ‘Buy Now’ button below. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to include your quotation or invoice number in the box provided!


 If you experience difficulties with the PayPal system QuartSLab has prepared a document which may assist you with the payment process.