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Quartz Crystals


Follow this link for information on oscillators. Please contact QuatSLab for a price quotation.

We are able to supply crystals in the following frequeny ranges



Frequency Range

Frequency Range

1.5 to 2.0 MHz HC6/u only

3rd Overtone 21 to 75 MHz


5th overtone 60 to 126 MHz

2.0 to 27.0 MHz

7th overtone 125 to 175 MHz


9th overtone 170 to 225 MHz

Crystals are available in the following holder types. See also
Drawings of Crystal Holder Types

... HC6/u or HC33/u

1.5 - 225 MHz

... HC49/u or HC50/u (formerly HC18/u & HC25/u)

2.0 - 225 MHz

... HC49/T or HC50/T (low profile 11.4 mm height)

10.0 - 225 MHz

... HC49/TT or HC50/TT (low profile 9.6 mm height)

12.0 - 225 MHz

... HC45/u or UM1

12.0 - 225 MHz

Unless otherwise specified crystals above 2 MHz will be supplied in an HC25/u holder

HC18/u & HC25/u crystals normally supplied in their resistance weld      equivalents HC49/u and HC50/u

   HC49/u resistance weld equivalent to HC18/u

...HC50/u resistance weld equivalent to HC25/u



HC6/u, HC49/u, HC49/T, HC49/TT, HC50/u, HC50/T, HC50/TT, HC45/u and UM1

Within 20 working days from receipt of order


HC6/u, HC49/u, HC49/T, HC49/TT, HC50/u, HC50/T, HC50/TT, HC45/u and UM1

Within 10 working days from receipt of order


If any product supplied by us should prove defective Quartslab undertake to replace it free of charge for a period of 1 year from the delivery date on the invoice. Crystals that have been physically or electrically damaged are not covered by this warranty.

Post and Packing

Post and packing is included in our prices for destinations ANYWHERE in the World for small quantities of crystals. However a postage charge will be made where the weight of the package exceeds 100gm or packaging is required, which exceeds 235 mm x 162 mm.

Advice for Ordering Crystals